The first steps

Welcome to a new blog that will detail my exploits into the world of miniature wargaming and photography. Whilst I’m no stranger to posting online about wargaming for years now, I took a significant hiatus from the hobby after becoming disillusioned by the magnificent products of other hobbyists in comparison to my rather meagre offerings. The speed in which people are able to produce dazzling miniatures, and dazzling paintjobs in the same time it took me to basecoat a miniature knocked the wind from my sails, and so I threw my teddy out of the pram and stopped wargaming for several years. I have recently jumped back into the hobby now after growing up  a bit and learning not to directly compare my efforts with others.

Doom and gloom aside, I’m hoping this blog will help capture people’s interests as much as it will motivate me!

The primary focus will be exploring the worlds Games Workshop have crafted; the inquisitor 28mm movement still captures my interest as it did all those years ago, but I have begun to explore their fantasy line, as well as looking into 15mm wargaming too. I find modelling and painting cathartic, and it helps me de-stress after a long day, so there may not be much evidence of gaming with these miniatures, but who knows what the future will hold.

I hope you will stay tuned, there will be more posts coming (hopefully).

“We don’t belong in a wasteland.” – Frank Carter



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