Something stirs.

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“Before we returned the remains to the next of kin, I found this image captured in his eye lens, moments before his death. Obviously I withheld it for evidence. Anyone know what I’m looking at here?” – Overheard discussion at Arbite Precinct 882, Hive Mortemus.


I.  Kill Team!

Rule no.1 if your photograph is not up to scratch: chuck a filter on it, and use it to set the mood. So, like much of the internet, I was set abuzz by the reveal of Kill Team, and I instantly knew what I wanted to run. Necrons! I’ve always loved the little metal skeletons, as they were the first ‘new’ army to be released when I started collecting way back when in 2002. I wanted to make my Necrons stand out from the crowd, but it wasn’t until  Warhammer Community revealed all the unit choices for Necrons did I properly get excited. Why, I hear you cry? Flayed ones. Flayed ones, in my mind, are some of the most interesting aspects to the Necrons; created by an insidious space virus/curse from a dead god that infects the unfortunate minds of the necrotyr with the rather uncharacteristic compulsion to flay the skin from the dead,and wear it in a cruel mockery of the flesh they once had before they were interred in their necrodermis. All good stuff. There’s not a lot more to go on other than that, which gave me the opportunity for some real creativity. It seems to me that Necrons, whilst fun, aren’t burdened with a lot of opportunity for individualism or identity, something that is both reflected in their lore (the rank and file warriors are essentially mindless), and in their rules (In both Shadow War and Killteam, they have their set weapons given to them and they couldn’t mix and match). In my mind, giving everyone the Flayer sickness gives me the opportunity to give each  Necron a personality they would otherwise be missing, even if their personality will all be different shades of ‘your face would make a fetching hat’.

My Kill team is going to be a group of Necrons who are either the last survivors of an entire Dynasty, or have simply awoken ‘too early,’ but are slowly succumbing to the Flayer virus and do not want to awaken their brethren for fear of being wiped out.

Whilst I finish off the warband, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos to show off.


Most of the metal work is done, but I still have weathering the flesh to do for this Flayed One. Because I have predominantly used the Finecast Flayed Ones to make my rank and file Necrons, I felt I needed to ‘one up’ the existing formula. If my Warriors are covered in skin already, I had to make my Flayed Ones stand out. I’ll leave you to try and guess what kit came to the rescue.


Once they are all finished, I’ll show them off with some better pictures, but I just wanted to share them! I am so pleased with how they have turned out. Now if you excuse me, I have a lot of blood and grime to paint.


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